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Title: Children's Bible
Post by: HoneyLamb56 on March 10, 2021, 12:13:14 PM
I am now a grandmother; my grandson's parents do not have God in their home even tho my son did have some religion.  Due to distance, transportation and Covid, will be lucky if I see him physically once a year; otherwise will only have face time on computer when he gets older.

Would like to get him a children's bible.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to a good one that tells the stories as best they can to the truth and not edited and told as politically correct versions etc.?  Want him to have some knowledge at least of Jesus and let God do the rest.

Title: Re: Children's Bible
Post by: Extol on March 10, 2021, 02:22:00 PM
Hi Diane,

I highly recommend The Picture Bible, a graphic novel version of the Bible. I read it cover to cover several times as a kid. (It's not just for kids though; it's great for older people who don't like to read.) It tells all the major stories (and a lot of the minor ones), and the pictures make it easier to understand and remember. It instilled in me a love for the Bible which continues to this day.

It's very affordable on Amazon ($12.14 new, many used copies for less). If you don't like to support Amazon you can get it for $19.99 at the publisher's site (where you can also view a free sample): (
Title: Re: Children's Bible
Post by: waterfall77 on March 10, 2021, 04:04:52 PM
Thats a good idea to give him a children's Bible.  My mom got my kids a children's Bible they each got a different one, one that was good for their age. My kids really like them.
Maybe if you went to the book store and read a few pages of one that might make you feel better about buying one. Also Amazon might even have a picture of the inside of the book so you could see a sample page. If you order one online.
Title: Re: Children's Bible
Post by: HoneyLamb56 on March 11, 2021, 12:18:08 AM
Thank you Aubrey and Extol for your responses.

Extol, I am able to get it thru a couple of online places.  The site you gave did redirect me to a Christian bookstore website in Canada.  Most appreciated.