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Title: Bribe?
Post by: Craig on June 04, 2007, 05:46:21 PM
If I was to vote on which is your best paper I'd say your lake of fire series
> 16c, I loved the egyptian history lesson, & another thing nobody seems to have
> noticed is that you're a damn good writer only a few people in the world can
> make the bible interesting to non-believers, a few of my friends read your
> articles and now the bible makes more sense to them!
> I was wondering have you ever had offers from these so called preachers, to turn
> to their side as you could help bring in the money big time?
> Some of these guys must be jelous of the crowd your website is pulling, someone
> must of tried to bribe you by now! If so who?

        Dear Nkanyiso:  No, no one has tried to bribe me. They only threaten me. I think they

        know that I cannot be bought.

        God be with you,