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Title: Lake Of Fire
Post by: Craig on January 28, 2007, 12:59:09 PM
> I am new to your website, and I have found it to be wonderful. I have told
> my husband that we cannot make choices for ourselves; we or either in the
> will of God or the will of the devil. However, my question is, what
> happened to all the people who died during the flood? Didn't God utterly
> destroy both man/beast and save Noah and his family and all the animals that
> were in the arc. Do you have an answer as to where those people went?
>Dear Tonette:

They are all dead in their graves INCLUDING NOAH AND HIS FAMILY. All people who have died are DEAD [now there's a profound truth not understood by most of Christendom]. They are all awaiting the resurrection. There is a resurrection of the JUST and of the UNJUST.

God be with you,