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Title: Questions
Post by: Craig on November 26, 2006, 08:34:55 PM
I will your email........

> > My name is Mpho!
> > i appreciate the work ur doing its clear and understandable....i would like
> > to know your backround where u studied,

COMMENT: I learned 99% of what I know about God's Word in my Office
in my Bedroom, on my knees.

 whether u have a church

COMMENT:  No, we are the church.

 or your a  pastor

COMMENT:  No. I assume you mean pastor of a church. Only in a spiritual way.

 or theologian

COMMENT:  Only in the sense that I study things pertaining to "Theos"--God.

...and your Photo please...

COMMENT:  We might be able to work that one out--one of these days.

God be with you,

thanx [i'll be awaiting your
> > response]