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Title: A blind world
Post by: Craig on January 09, 2010, 10:41:24 PM
Hi there Ray,

It is such a rare thing, to find a mind and heart seeking after the truth.
A mind not corralled by  mainstream conventional thinking.  Institutional
religious doctrine peddling their syncretisms, controlling the hearts and
minds of the people, people who think you need a Phd to be worthy of
understanding Gods word, it is his to give as he decides, not the minds of
sanctimonious men.  A God of simplicity not chaos, even a child can
understand.  So many lead astray and defending falsehood to the point of
mindless aggression in words and action.  Reminds me of the dogs guarding
the Kingdom of God, they do not let others enter and dare not enter
themselves.  Don't stop, kept it going sooner or later it will get through,
a lie can only be supported for so long, hold the course, blind allegiance
is ignorance of the truth.

kind regards,