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Title: Compassion
Post by: jingle52 on January 03, 2011, 06:57:41 AM
I was profoundly moved by a documentary I saw about three weeks ago about a Chinese couple now in their 80’s and defying the local bureaucratic officials to give up their many adopted children to the local institutions. They (local inst.) were embarrassed by the local media telling the story of this couple as one child  is handicapped and needs medical attention and the couple is far too old and poor to continue paying the hospital bills (they were asking help to pay the bills) now, the Changs have for the last 40 years adopted babies and children left to their own devices because of the policy of “one child” per family and as most Chinese couples prefer males to females, this has posed a grave problem, increasing the babies abandoned by their families to die while yet infants or left at orphanages. The ones picked up by the Chang’s were the lucky ones and received food, shelter and most of all – LOVE!!!
Over the years the couple adopted and cared for more than 40 children and although being extremely poor, they nevertheless brought these souls into their homes and gave them a chance at life and maybe even a future. The first baby girl found while Mr. Chang was scavenging ( he goes around in the city looking for cardboard boxes, paper and plastic bottles etc to sell), he found this baby girl dressed all in white and laying abandoned in the snow, he heard her crying and took her home. His wife was happy to have this new baby in her life and as yet  did not have any of their own. The girl (I can’t remember her name) is now  working as an English teacher at a nearby school and comes to visit the Changs as often as she can, to help out with the other remaining children and to show her appreciation to her adoptive parents who gave her a chance at life.
The story is a heartbreaking one and I cried while watching it as it broke my heart to see this old couple with these poor, but happy children who would not hand them over to the government to look after them as they would be locked up, unable to move about freely (as they had been used to with the Changs) and not know what real “parental” care, guidance and love would be, only total indifference from their minders.
-Anyway, what struck me, was the Love demonstrated by this couple and the most important fruit of our salvation is just that – love-  once you have that, and demonstrate it unequivocally, you are demonstrating spiritual fruits. The Changs and I’m sure many, many others who have not heard of the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ – will surely not be hurt with many stripes and our Great God will have compassion on the compassionate in the second resurrection white throne judgment.
-Another person who comes to mind is mother Teresa, she was a devout Catholic, full of the church doctrines, but her whole adult life she was there in amongst all the suffering and dying, trying to keep them clean and feed them and at the same time help them know that they were not alone on their deathbed. And she of course died while still in Babylon. 

This makes me think that God gives His grace to anybody He so chooses, irrespective of their religions.
But then again, I may of course be wrong
God's Blessings
Title: Re: Compassion
Post by: grapehound on January 03, 2011, 08:43:21 AM
Amen Jingle, verbatim.
Title: Re: Compassion
Post by: gmik on January 03, 2011, 05:42:39 PM
wow...great story...God's love and mercy and grace are available to all son just returned from 3 months backpacking in Nepal and S.E. Asia...and he has witnessed  good and bad  but really saw how things are not random and God's will is everywhere....
Title: Re: Compassion
Post by: jingle52 on January 04, 2011, 05:27:55 AM
Hi Grape, thanks  ;D ;D

Hi Gena, I'm so glad your son returned to you safe and sound. He sure had a lovely/interesting experience just as God planned for him.  :)

God's Blessings.
Title: Re: Compassion
Post by: judith collier on January 10, 2011, 03:54:06 PM
jingle52, how good to be reminded that God is everywhere working in those that don't even know the true God. Or maybe they did. Hopefully this practice in China with female babies will one day stop. What a good example for them.