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Title: prayer request
Post by: karenmarie on April 15, 2011, 12:04:04 PM
first though, I am struggling with prayer requesting - why does God have us pray? I don't think it is to plead and try to change His mind about what is going on. When I read the gospels, I see how prayer can be just asking Jesus, who has the power and resources, for help.

I understand, through many years experiences, that when it seems God is slow to answer, He is working in many ways to bring more things to perfection than I could have imagined from my prayer request. That keeps me going when it is dark.

Please feel free to comment on the above - these are thoughts I wrestle with.

Current darkness: my son, age 23, is suffering from depression. We've been "treating" it with prayer and meds and counseling, both pastoral and psychological. The meds have worsened the journey - we've had the head jerking, eye-rolling side effects of one anti-psychotic (? why prescribe that for depression?), and the extreme suicidal thoughts from the anti-anxiety meds, along with cutting scratches to relieve tension. People are well-meaning, and I am so thankful for their care, concern, and prayers. Holy water has been given to me to sprinkle, prayers from the Orthodox have been offered round the clock, pentecostals have claimed deliverance from ancestral sins.

You know the thing that has helped the most? A dog. Just petting and caring for a creature that depends on him has worked some healing.

Anyway - prayers for him would be appreciated. Stuff has been coming out in counseling, he's learning new ways to think, but has trouble, a great deal of trouble, accepting positives and not constantly believing negatives (bullying in his teen years is a root). When I read scriptures, I can't help but feel kinship with those who asked Jesus for help in casting out demons. I see such imprisonment, mentally.

Praying along those lines has, I think, effected change for a bit, but he falls back. Been a roller coaster, especially with the wacky med side effects.

I guess I am asking for deliverance, wisdom, healing, health and wholeness. Thanks for praying.

Title: Re: prayer request
Post by: Kat on April 15, 2011, 01:06:47 PM

Hi Karen,

I think prayer is showing respect for God as we address Him as the means that is our ultimate help in all things. I certainly will add my prayers for your son.

When my daughter was ill I began to research online how others dealt with the problem in real life and that helded me find way to help her. Another thing is I have turned strongly towards herbal remedies, as I think there is a herb that can help all manners of illnesses, even mental ones as well. Just wanted to give you somethong to consider.

mercy, peace and love

Title: Re: prayer request
Post by: jingle52 on April 15, 2011, 01:52:20 PM
Hi Kaen,
Prayer is a healing balm that calms your fears and mind. I really feel for you and your son and pray that God in His Love and mercy help you and that His will be done. I cannot even imagine what you as a mother must be going through.

Hi God is Gracious,
I will definitley pray for your situation too. God is Love and you show this love on this forum daily. Thank you for your sweetness and compassion toward everybody, you are a special person. 

Title: Re: prayer request
Post by: Grace on April 15, 2011, 01:53:25 PM
Hi Karen,
I, too, will pray for your son and your family.  

Title: Re: prayer request
Post by: JohnMichael on April 16, 2011, 12:25:57 AM
I am also keeping you both in my prayers. *big warm hugs*
Title: Re: prayer request
Post by: karenmarie on April 16, 2011, 10:01:46 AM
Thank you everybody, for responding and for your prayers. I do see God answering some prayers, immediately, but the prayer for total healing - well, I can accept that this may be a long struggle, and I can also see God using the struggle in him, to refine him and draw him closer to Christ. I can see other people coming alongside and many having their faith strengthened by watching and caring, not to mention the leaps and bounds in my own prayer walk now turned to others and their problems. I'm ashamed that I used to casually say "I'll pray for you", and then, not really, plus even forget them because others' situations would be so emotionally hard to contemplate, it was easier on my feelings to not think about other people's pain so much.

God is Gracious, I will be adding your family and your son, especially, to my prayers.