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Title: Reformer
Post by: Craig on January 12, 2007, 10:47:24 PM
Dear Ray  I wrote to you last night and asked the question as to if you were a reformer.  I do not now believe you are so I asked if God has called you to be a prophet calling out the sons of God out of the Church in the last days.  I see a separation of the tares and the wheat. Much of what you write I have know but you put it together for me and encourage me in the faith  I knew that our adam nature was terrible, lines up with satan I saw it in the spirit.  I can not stop crying nor reading since i first saw your site on new years eve.

Dear Margaret:
I make no spiritual claims regarding offices other than I TEACH. That's it. Glad you are being helped by our site. I have much more material to yet post, as time permits me to write it.
God be with you,