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Title: Searching
Post by: Craig on March 09, 2008, 11:45:04 AM
Dear L. Ray Smith,

     Thank you for your email.  I have read quite a few things on your website, specifically, "Who is the Beast?" and one of the installments of the Lake of Fire series, and although I would like to believe everything you claim on your website, I find that some things just might be too good to be true.  I am not trying to say that what you are claiming on your website is not true, but that somehow the way the Scripture is being used is probably not the way most of us have been accustomed to be taught in Sunday school and by priests and pastors.  I have had a very unique experience this past year, and so I am seeking answers regarding the son of perdition and the false prophet.  I am afraid for my fate in eternity, which I fear will be away f rom my family and friends.  I wish someone would honestly say that there is no eternal punishment like you have claimed, but I do not hear this from many people.  I don't know if it could be that so many people are confused or have fallen away from the truth; I do believe that there has been a falling away from the truth and that now many people are susceptible to believing almost anything.  However, you do provide a good foundation for your arguments based on Scripture, yet somehow I find it still hard to believe truly.

     Best regards,