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Title: John 3:36
Post by: Craig on November 30, 2006, 09:23:31 PM
> Hi Ray
> Can you help me with John 3:36
> Thanks
Dear Timothy:
It is the same lesson as all of Jesus' teaching and all of His parables.
There are two judgments in the New Testament:  One is on the House
of God NOW, and the other will be in the second resurrection to Judgment
Either we gather with Jesus or we scatter abroad.  Either we are with Him
or we are aginst Him.  Either we are the Prodigal or we are the older brother.
Either we are the wheat or we are the tares. We are not BOTH, AT THE SAME
TIME. We cannot be both the wheat which is saved AND the tares which are
burned up at the "end of the age."  This is the message of verse 36. You will
be one or the other. The second category will be saved, but "yet as by FIRE"
(I Cor. 3:15 & Rev. 20:15).  It took fifty years before God showed me this truth.
God be with you,