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Title: Sprits?
Post by: Craig on November 29, 2006, 01:05:53 PM
> Good morning Mr. Smith
> I am fascinated with this website. I have been searching for answers and
> everybody kept on telling
> me that I have to believe like a child and read the bible literally. I know
> this is wrong, it does
> not make sense.
> Thank you for all the answers you have given me, through the questions and
> papers you have written.
> My question is...... When you die, (physically), why do some spirits still roam
> around? Don't they
> know where to go? I know some don't even know they are dead. I have experienced
> some myself. I am
> in the Old Apostle church in Pretoria, South Africa and this was the only church
> that could guide me
> in a way. I get confused there because spirits speak through some of the
> members and always seem to
> be there (the spirits). Is this wrong?
> Rega rds
> Michelle

Dear Michelle:
The only spirits "roaming around" are demons, not the spirits of DEAD people.
God be with you,