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Title: God’s Sovereignty
Post by: Dynamo54 on July 28, 2022, 01:25:40 AM
I was thinking about a proof of God’s sovereignty that kind of surprised me when I thought about it, but it helped solidify the truth of Sovereignty further in mind.

I think many people believe that it is just luck or happenstance when a person is conceived and born into this world. Whereas Ray has revealed the truth that ALL is of God, and therefore NO ONE is born unless God has planned it and caused it.

And a proof of His sovereignty is the “spirit” in man(kind). A physical body cannot  come to life without the “spirit”. And that spirit, or breath, ONLY comes from God.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 “And the dust return to the earth, as it was, and the spirit returns unto God, who gave it.” (Rotherham Emphasized Bible)

The spirit in man is given by God and is not a lucky or happenstance event.  It is His to give, and His to take when He deems it time.

Matt 6:27, “which of you be anxious can add one moment to your lifespan”. (ESV)

So the world may think their parents had them “by accident”; or that they are “lucky to be alive”; or a couple may say we planned our kids to be born x number years apart (as if they are in control), but it is just like the belief in “free will”. False.

God is Spirit, and mankind’s spirit only comes to them according to God’s plan and desire.

It is mind boggling to think about the truth of God as Spirit. God is Spirit, and He creates the physical from Spirit, and He creates other spirit beings, and Spirit can manifest as physical, and He will turn physical into spirt someday!

Title: Re: God’s Sovereignty
Post by: Dave in Tenn on July 29, 2022, 08:46:55 AM
Could also be that there isn't such a neat and clear demarcation between Spirit and Physical.  Dig down deep enough and the "physical" becomes less and less a "thing" in and of itself.
Title: Re: God’s Sovereignty
Post by: Dynamo54 on July 29, 2022, 03:03:43 PM
Very interesting thought Dave…physical not far from spirit.

The fact that our minds can think, plan, dream, invent, etc. must only come from the spirit that God puts in man. A spirit that is different than the animating “spirit” that God outs in animals.

Of course at this time most (all?) of our thoughts and plans are self focused, and often not in Tune with God’s desire ( can we say evil).

But the fact of all the wonderful things our minds can do points to very interesting times when God has converted all, and given us His Spirit and made us part of the Elohim Family. Isn’t it fun to think about the future of mankind for the next billion, or trillion years?

We are indeed wonderfully made….just currently lacking the key ingredient.