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Title: Why did you write Exposing Those Who Contradict
Post by: Dennis Vogel on March 26, 2010, 10:42:41 AM
Why did you write Exposing Those Who Contradict,
and have you heard from any of these TV ministers?

When I heard these several sermons that I comment on in my paper 'EXPOSING THOSE WHO CONTRADICT' I thought that they were the most unscriptural and damaging sermons that I have ever heard in my life.

In as much as the broadcasts of these two men go out to tens of thousands of the major cities of the world, I just could not let them pass without comment.

Both Dr. Kennedy and Pastor Hagee conclude that most of humanity will be tortured without mercy in a hellhole of eternal pain by fire. This is NOT a Scriptural teaching. And so I wrote the truth of the Scriptures and exposed their damnable and unscriptural heresy.   Five to ten thousand people a month now read the truth of these subject on my site.

I do have critics also. They always just attack me as a person--never the SPECIFIC things that I say which are fully and almost exhaustively referenced with Scriptures.


I know it is possible should God work and amazing miracle that they would see the light, but NO, they did not even acknowledge receiving my letter to them.

Dr. Frederick Price sent me a letter. He just said that some people have different personalities and different approaches to teaching than others, and such nonsense.

Dr. Kennedy did, however, answer one of my readers inquiries to him. He responded that, "Mr. Smith does not believe in historical Christianity."  He got that right. If by historical he means the dark ages. On the other hand if he means the original history beginning with Christ, then I certainly DO believe in historical Christianity, but HE DOESN'T!