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Title: life
Post by: ez2u on October 07, 2012, 10:57:38 PM
I wished that i had gone to college and that my life had been different.  that my mind was not so broken from abuse and solitaire. i could have learn the lesson i needed to go forward in life in this world.  only those that have not had an education, not had the American advantages understand this.  your mind can get so burden down with drama.  then the light came in Jesus and change every thing for me and purpose was born.  my children look down on me because i am so uneducated.  don't fit in with my strange ways.  but God looked down on me and blessed me.  give my life purpose and attributes that others don't have a personal relationship with Him and my heart sings in joy.  so i am a funny little person  with a big heart God.