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Title: Misquote??
Post by: Craig on June 08, 2006, 11:57:27 AM

On page 11 you go through a list of the different times the words from the definition of hell are used in the same verse as sheol.  You stated that the word "destruction" is used 0 times.  Please look at  Prov 15:11 and Prov 27:20 that are printed in your own document on pages 5&6.  Its  probably a honest mistake but you strike me as a precise person and you are making some dogmatic statements.  You may want to make the correction so it won't through a negative light on the rest of the document.


Dear Waylan:

No correction is needed, Waylan.  I am not anywhere near perfect, but I do try to make sure of what I say on important subjects.  "Destruction" is not the translation of ANY word used in Prov. 15:11 or Prov. 27:20.  The word translated "destruction" in the King James is "Abaddon" and is thought to be synonymous with "sheol" and "death," and in some verses the "grave."  Some translations leave it as "Abbadon" (as in Rev. 9:11), and do not translate it at all.

God be with you,