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Title: Trinity
Post by: Craig on July 16, 2011, 08:57:53 AM
Dear Ray,

I enjoyed your article on the Trinity. Just a question, we know that the Father of Jesus Christ was not created.
From what you wrote and what I see in the scriptures, I feel that the son Jesus Christ had a beginning, which is not the case of Father.
I would like your opinion on it.

Dear Elisee:  Both the Father and the Son are scarcely alluded to in
the Hebrew Scriptures.  Well then, WHO IS GOD of the Hebrew Scriptures?

You'll have to wait till I finish my research for what I believe is the Scriptural
answer to this enigma.  There is far more to this subject than most could
ever imagine, and yet, the answer has been there all the time, it's just that
we haven't believed the Scriptures. And giving the answer and proving the
answer are two different things, I assure you.  At least I now know the Name
of the Father.

God be with you,