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Title: Tithing
Post by: Craig on July 24, 2006, 03:50:01 PM
 Yesterday I was wondering around the net and I ran across your web page. thought I would take a look. Seen an article on tithing and thought I would read it. I have read a lot on the subject in my years of the lords word. I couldn't believe what I was reading? I thought to my self, this man is truly called by the lord Jesus to teach his truth on this subject. I couldn't agree with you more. That is exactly the way the lord reviled it to me. We are not very popular amongst most so called pastures of the buildings. I have tried to tell others the truth in this area, and was told to leave. So now that I know you are a reader of the lords word, and not afraid to tell the truth, I will continue to read what you have to say. Again thank you for your truthfulness on this subject.
In the lords name. Don.