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Title: Sorry
Post by: Craig on July 24, 2006, 03:54:36 PM
 I apologize for the knee-jerk reaction in calling you a cultist.
You're clearly not.
After 20 + years of defending the faith from cults,
trying to disprove the Trinity from the Bible brings out
the inner Pharisee in me instantly.
I was overjoyed over the last 12 months or so since I've been studying sites like yours that prove that God does not torment souls for eternity in the Lake of Fire --- my years of Apologetics (I've always hated that word, it signifies "apology" like we have to apologize for the faith?) were always conflicted as I could never, ever answer with any conviction the rebukes of God's character regarding eternal torment and how that after all is said and done, God loses 99% of his created humans to Satan in the Lake of Fire - that's hardly a victory, but yet that is what the KJV says and that's what I believed, even though half-heartedly.
The doctrine refuted clearly in the Greek by you and others who have exposed those errors has been a wonderful blessing to me, but each of you have one thing in common -
you all refute the Trinity, as well.
Despite all the doubts and 'waves of doctrine' that I have been tossed to and fro with (meaning tempted by, but not really adhering to) I always comforted myself by knowing I held to the Triune Godhead, and thus wasn't a cultist, maybe just confused.
I've always had a nagging suspicion though that the Holy Spirit is really just the Spirit of God (and thus why it is represented in Revelations as objects rather than a living being?) and that Jesus really is the Logos, the incarnate Son of the One God, and thus in reality there are two, not one,
and the two are not the same - they are literally Father/Son (not like the abyssmal doctrine of the Mormons who claim that Jesus was born by a sexual union between God and Mary, and that Jesus had a spiritual mother in heaven too) but that the Son literally came from the Father - not created, but born of Him.
The doctrine of Ultimate Reconciliation (the term I like for God eventually redeeming all unto him after the Kingdom of God is concluded on earth) I knew I could believe as long as I didn't get offbase by denying the Trinity - but now I see that my belief there too may be off, just like the mistranslation caused by the KJV of God eternally tormenting 99% of his human beings he made for eternity!
Finally (rant almost over, bear with me) I had to admit,
that just like the true Gospel was obscured for what, 1,500+ years by the Dark Ages of Catholicism, that even the "reformation" which was an improvement, still obscured much of the true Gospel, and today we're still trying to preach the Gospel of a maligned God from the faulty translations.
But I do apologize for the anger,
hope you will pardon that,

Dear Mark:
No apology necessary. Here is a link among many that prove the trinitarian baptismal formula is a hoax:
There are literally dozens and dozens of scholarly authorities that prove this formula ia a hoax.
Also: I have never said that Jesus Christ was not "divine."  If you read my paper on the trinity carefully, you will read where I state "JESUS IS GOD" at least five times on two pages.
God be with you,