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Title: Hell
Post by: Craig on August 05, 2006, 11:39:02 AM
Dear Ray,
I'm concerned about your beliefs.  You are telling a huge lie when you say that there is no hell.  Hell is a very real place; I have had conversations with numerous Bible scholars and all of them believe that there is indeed a hell.  In addition, I have read the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice, and I am sure that there is a hell.  If a hell did not exist, what would happen to the people who willingly chose not to believe that Jesus Christ died for their sins?  You also spread the lie that versions of the Bible such as the NIV and the NRSV are not accurate.  Many Bible scholars looked at thousands of manuscripts to translate the Bible into modern, understandable language, and I firmly believe that these versions are both accurate.  I will pray that you come to know the truth, and I will pray that you become more open-minded.
Dear Naomi:
One does not prove whether something exists or not based on their ignorance as to what would or would not have if something does not exist. Read Parts A, B, and C of my series on "HELL," and you will know for sure that there was not "hell" in the Old testament. Then read part D with it is posted and you will know that there is also no "hell" in the New Testament.
God be with you,