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Title: Heritic
Post by: Craig on August 14, 2006, 10:50:52 PM
    Why am I a heritict?
    I belong to several web boards where we share with each other our beliefs, but when I talk about how great the love of God is and how He has saved us all, I am called a heritic. Why are people scared or so quick to judge, when they hear the good news?

    Dear Christian:
    Most Christians have no "Love of God." And therefore, they do not love men either. They TRULY WANT there to be a hell for all those who do not believe EXACTLY as they believe.  The notion that there is an eternal hell where those who oppose them will suffer for all eternity gives them joy and feelings of great superiority. In truth, they are demented beyond words to describe. That is why there need to be a very severe Judgment for those so minded.
    God be with you,