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Title: Jesys, God?
Post by: Craig on August 28, 2006, 12:08:19 PM
> L Ray Smith,
> Thanks for your web site. It is very interesting and new to my
> understanding.
> I am a little confused about the deity of Jesus. I have read your
> writings and I understand
> where you say God the father, Jesus the son of God but, is Jesus God,
> you declare yes, does that mean there are two Gods?
> I have seen the hostility from people in regard to your beliefs as
> read from your web site, however I do not
> have any ill intent and only seek to understand God,
> Thanks once again the things you have put forth are a huge challenge
> to the beliefs I have taken for granted.
> Thank you,
> Kevin

Dear Kevin:

I think it would help people a lot if they could understand that "God" is not the personal first name of Jesus' Father.  Jesus' Father IS GOD. That is, He is the One and only Supreme Diety of the Universe. It is His power, and glory, and knowledge, and wildom, and love that makes Him God. But God has a Son. He came out of the Father just as any child comes out of his father (John 16:28; John 8:42; etc.).