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Title: Malachi
Post by: Craig on August 28, 2006, 12:09:06 PM
Good afternoon Ray,

thank you for all your efforts.

However I have checked one thing with a friend who reads her bible - born again Israelite believer - in Hebrew and she told me the text in Malachi does say "atem mehara", meaning exactly "you are cursed" and not "you have cursed".

I just thought you might be interested, since you say you seek to restore Truth.

With blessings


Dear @nne:

What a crock!

There is no "atem mehara" meaning "you are cursed."  That's a lie.

Here are the Hebrew words used in the spurious King James phrase: "You are cursed with a curse"......................"attem [ye] arar [curse--a verb] merah [a curse--a noun]."

"Ye curse a curse."  Who is doing the cursing with a curse? God? NO--"ye"--Israel: the "whole nation."  The next phrase:  "attem [ye] qaba [defraud] kol kol [the whole] goy goy [nation]."

Ye curse [ME with] a curse, [and] ye defraud [Me this] whole nation."

"Me" is understood. There is no Hebrew word in this verse for "me."

Plainly and clearly and emphatically it is stated that it is "YE" [the whole nation] and not "God" who is doing the "cursing" and the "defrauding" in this verse.

God be with you,