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Title: Thanks from USM
Post by: Craig on October 03, 2006, 01:40:31 PM
  I am a Marine, stationed in Okinawa with my family.  I first came across your web site a year ago, and frankly, it scared me.  You immediately struck a cord in me that made me afraid to go past your first paper.  I quickly deleted your site and vowed to never return.  For some reason (which I now know was totally out of my control) I returned to your site this Aug, prayed for God to protect my mind from false teachings, and began to read, and read, and read.
  I just wanted to tell you that your writings have resonated within me You have helped me to find so many answers that I "felt" were true since I was a child.  Through the years, I let the popular teachings and doctrines blind me from what I always knew deep inside was truth, to the point that I just stopped asking "WHY?".  I am tired of the lies, I am hungry for God!
    I am slowly introducing my wife to your teachings.  So far, she is very receptive.  Maybe she is just happy that I am finally excited about the bible, hahaha!  I thank you for your boldness.  I am not a gifted writer, I would love to be able to express my appreciation better with words, please understand that it IS there!
In Christ Jesus,

Dear Matt:
Great email!  Actually you express yourself very well. I just love it when people are honest.  You certainly are not the first to start reading and then quickly click off my material.  Sadly, however, most never come back again as you did.  We hope and pray that you wife will also be responsive to God's Truths.
God be with you,