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Title: Love?
Post by: Craig on November 29, 2006, 06:10:18 PM
    I hope you don't mind.  I know you are busy, I see the many articles you have written.  But I have another question for you.  I have been seemingly hearing from the Holy Spirit as of late that I have been off track.  Oh, I hate when that happens.  I heard, "Humility is the key to the grace of God."  So what I have been hearing is that I have to learn to love my enemies.  How do you do that?  For instance, I too have a REALLY BIG problem with John Hagee.  In fact, it is that actual preacher that started me out on a journey that changed my life.  I listened to him on morning on television, and was appalled by his lack of love.  So then I switched sides, and I thought I would rather be in hell then spend eternity in heaven with men like that.
    So now I have come so far on my journey to understand that God actually saves all men.  And I have to look at someone like John Hagee and think of him as better than me.  UGGGGHHHH.  I am only human, and I really abhor him.  But he will be saved, and we are to forgive him for "he knows not what he does."  I have to love my enemies, and that is difficult for me.  Jesus Christ loved the people who hung Him on the cross and asked His Father to forgive them.  But that kind of love is for Diety, and not for me.  HA, I am only fooling myself.  I know I have to BE like Christ.  SO that is the lesson I am learning now.  How do I learn to love my enemies?

    Dear Carolyn:
    A good placed to start is to realize that except for the grace of God not only would you be LIKE John Hagee, but you would actually BE John Hagee.
    God be with you,