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Title: No?
Post by: Craig on December 02, 2006, 10:32:34 AM
    Hello Ray,
                      Thanks for being ! I know this question is one of those things that make our minds go round and round with no real answer because of all the tripwires but here goes.
                      In John I read where the Disciples are going to some kind of feast. They ask Jesus if he is going and he says NO. After they leave he goes in secret. I was always taught that when you do something like that it is lying. Since Jesus is Perfection this must not be a lie. How is this so ?

    Dear Jay:
    You must learn to read more carefully. Jesus did NOT say "NO" as you suggest. Here is what He said:  "My time is NOT YET....I got not up YET unto this feast...when His brethern were gone up, THEN went he also up unto the feast...." (John 7:6, 8, 10).  Jesus did not want to go up to the feast with His whole entourage, as He knew they would lay in wait for Him on the way if He did.
    God be with you