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Title: Jesus?
Post by: Craig on December 06, 2006, 10:51:15 AM
Hi Ray, I Love your straight forward answers to the many carnal questions you must receive on a daily basis. I hope you dont find mine as such.


In what state of being was Jesus before he came to earth considering that GOD is Spirit and Jesus while on earth was a man just like you and I.

Some where in Johns Gospel Gods word states that Jesus Christ comes to earth in the flesh.



Dear Louie:

Jesus was the LORD [Jehovah] God of the Old Testament. He "emptied" Himself is the word used in Phillipians to describe what Jesus did in order to become man, flesh, so that He could DIE.  He has once again been returned to this splender, although he always had the "glory" of God upon Him even in His flesh.  Jesus now possesses with the Father all power in heaven and earth, and all judgment is given unto Him.

God be with you,