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Title: Thankful
Post by: Craig on December 13, 2006, 08:29:22 AM

    What I have read thusfar is extraordinary.  There is so much to read and digest.  Do you have a "bottom line" or a "conclusions" paper which encompasses all these truths???  Today I found out that there is no need to "witness" to the "lost"...that that is God's work....burden lifted!!  Then I discovered there is no "secret rapture"....which makes me kind of sad, but I believe it's true.  You are truly gifted by the Holy Spirit.  Many things you have spoken of we have learned bits and pieces of in our Precept Class.  Lots of Hebrew and Greek which I don't have a clue about.  There is so much in God's Word to learn.....much deeper than I ever thought possible.....I wonder how you are doing today with all this wisdom and you feel happy and free or are you constantly thinking about God's truths (which are so deep and penetrating that I get headaches).  I feel the need to step back sometimes and give myself a "rest".  Do you feel that way???
    God Bless You......
    Dear Marilyn:
    I do get tired sometimes, but I don't take the breaks that my wife and I used to take in years past. I haven't gone anywhere like a vacation for six years. We used to go somewhere every 90 days, if it was just a weekend at Key West (don't think I want to go there anymore, things have changed I heard), or Naples, or Orlando, etc., but now I just sit in front of my computer most days all day. But I am happy doing it, especially when I receive letters from those saying how they have been freed and how much better they feel about God and life.
    Thanks for your concern.
    God be with you,