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Title: Error?
Post by: Craig on January 01, 2007, 09:05:44 PM
Hi Ray
While reading through your published emails on your web page, I thought i would point out a small error that you wrote.
You wrote..."Example: "priceless" does not mean THE LARGEST PRICE POSSIBLE, or higher than ANY price. It means that it HAS NO PRICE--NONE, it is said to be "priceLESS."  Most things do or can have a price, but something that is "priceLESS" DOESN'T HAVE A PRICE!!
That is not correct.  You do like to use the dictionary to define words, and I so I will give one here...
I looked up several other dictionaries and they all agreed.  It doesn't mean JUST that it has no price, as you say,  it means much more than that.  It means an objects value or its worth is so HIGH that it CANNOT  be ASSIGNED a price.  Its price is too high to be quoted or quantified.  It definitely does not mean that it simply has no price, as your saying, like finding some free rock on the street. Or by going to the store and someone forgot to put a price tag on it.  It means it has a price too high to be quoted for its irreplaceable or its value is to great to be estimated by mere money.

Some day, Doug, I am going to succeed in teaching people to PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORDS!
First of all, dictionaries are not always accurate in definitions, only in how people use words.
PRICELESS:  "Of inestimable worth, invaluable" American Heritage College Dictionary
PRICELESS  "having a value BEYOND ANY PRICE: invaluable" Webster'sColligiate Dictionary
Okay, so now we have two expert definitions of "priceless."   Question:  According to these two
dictionary definitions, does something that is "priceless" HAVE  A  PRICE?  NO, NO IT DOESN'T.
[1]  "It doesn't mean JUST [your caps] that it has no price, as you [that's me] say...."
COMMENT:  So it doesn't mean "JUST that IT   H-A-S   N-O   P-R-I-C-E...[my caps]..."  You don't even
see what came out of your own mouth. No, maybe it doesn't mean "JUST" that it HAS NO PRICE, but
it DOES, nonetheless, mean that one of the requirements of being "priceless," is that "IT HAS NO PRICE"!!
[2]  "It means an objects value or its worth is so HIGH that it CANNOT  be ASSIGNED a price"
COMMENT:  Does something that "C-A-N-N-O-T be assigned a price" as you stated, HAVE A PRICE? NO!!
It matters not HOW valuable something might be, if it is "priceless," then IT HAS NO PRICE!
I rest my case, and I stand on what I said.
God be with you,