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Title: Thank You
Post by: Craig on January 09, 2007, 04:21:54 PM
    Without going on and on, I so appreciated your article on the sarcasm of Jesus!  I am really enjoying your site a lot.
    You are not "canned" and legalistic, but truthful.  This is how I see Christ, now, and then.  thanks for taking the time to write.
    I particularly liked this statement of yours:
    It is possible to condemn the sinful actions and teachings of men without hating the men who commit these things. Jesus loved everyone. Jesus died for everyone. Jesus forgave everyone. Jesus forgave those who crucified Him before He expired and probably thousands of years before most of them will repent in judgment. As I have said many times, except for the grace of God, everyone of us could have been any of the world’s most evil people. We are saved in God’s grace, not by our cleverness in choosing to follow and obey God. Grace CAUSES us to obey God. The carnal mind CAUSES men to disobey God. It is that simple.