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Title: Death and Hades
Post by: Craig on January 28, 2007, 01:00:02 PM
    It occured to my recently that it is not stated what happens to death and hades when they are cast into the lake of fire. Until now I thought this meant they were destroyed but since that is not stated to be the case I wonder if this just means their sphere of operation is now only in the lake of fire since in the New Heavens and New Earth which are separate from the lake of fire, death will be no more. Your thoughts.
    I will keep this short and sweet.

    Dear Richard:
    I'll keep this short also. My thoughts are that this topic is too big for an email. You are basically asking me to explain the judgments of God, the new heaven and new earth, the lake of fire, the second death, and death and hades--IN AN EMAIL?  Sorry. Hope you understand.
    God be with you,