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Title: Little man
Post by: Craig on January 31, 2007, 11:06:39 PM
Mr. Smith,
> I don't need or expect a reply. You are very sad man. You repeatedly tell
> your readers to do their homework, and are very condescending but the
> funniest part is you have no earthly idea what you are reading in your own
> King James Bible.
> You need to sit down and have some real prayer, and then do some study of
> the Hebrew and Greek languages, because you have grossly misinterpreted many
> scriptures and utilized many more out of context.
> The scariest part is that you are in serious trouble with the God you claim
> you serve. You are false prophet and blasphemous individual. I suggest
> very stronly that you go back to the scripture and do some homework
> yourself.
> What a sad little man.
> Joe

Feel better now, "happy BIG man"?