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Title: Thanks
Post by: Craig on April 07, 2006, 10:22:35 AM
Dear Ray: From two ex-armstrongites [40 years+] you were and are a blast of fresh air. Began your articles with 'this couldn't be true' to 'this is astounding' to 'this is beautiful and requires study and looking into'.
Had a Greek born minister explaining from the Greek language about the trinity yet it was a difficult concept for us to accept. We read when God the father and Christ Jesus are in New Jerusalem  and there was no need of light -sun/moon- because of their presence yet no mention of the Holy Spirit being there. A palace revolt? The Holy Spirit off on holidays? The Holy Spirit with no more work to be done - sacked? Or as you say no trinity?
One problem with no trinity is the false prophet armstrong taught that so we, of course, were a little wary.
After a sermon last week we mentioned to the minister that we did not think we had free-will. Well the temperature dropped ten degrees and he said we had to have it. Well we had no to answer such logic so let it go.
Again thank you
God bless
Robert & Pamela
Queensland, Australia