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Title: Aliens
Post by: Craig on February 24, 2007, 05:16:55 PM
> Hi Ray, I stumbled upon your website and have spent the last couple of days
> glued to it as it's interesting stuff. In reply to someones email concerning
> aliens/UFO's you made this statement.
> "There are no alien beings that live on planets and have perfected
> interstellar space travel."
> Can you quote any scripture to prove this? If not, what is this statement
> based on?
> Thanks Azza.

Dear Azza:
The statement is based on science/astronomy, and the Scriptures.
Jesus died for the sins of the "world," not the sins of the "universe."
Eve is the "mother of all living," etc., etc., etc.
I should think that all people know that interstellar space travel is
physically impossible. Even traveling at millions of miles an hour,
there are very few places that one could go in less than a thousand years!
Everything is TOO FAR AWAY.
God be with you,