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Title: Why the need?
Post by: Craig on February 24, 2007, 08:22:06 PM
        Hi Ray,
        Thanks for taking time to explain some of the questios i have had for years. e.g hell.
        I have one question:
        If eternal condemnation is NOT for those who renounce or deny Jesus Christ as saviour,  why is there the need for the Bible because we will ALL be saved ulimately irrespective of our beliefs.
        Dear Tshepol:
        I just marvel at how many hundreds of people have emailed me similar statements. Some even suggesting that since all will be saved, we can go out and steal, murder, fornicate, or do anything evil possible and God will save us just as we are. What utter unscriptural nonsense. I have probably written more on the JUDGMENTS of God than anyone, and I have never suggested any such foolishness. No, we will assuredly NOT "ALL be saved ultimately IRRESPECTIVE OF OUR BELIEFS," as you suggest. NO ONE will ever be saved until his beliefs become the same as GOD'S BELIEFS. You need to read the material on our site a little more carefully.
        God be with you,