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Title: Do Your Math
Post by: Craig on March 03, 2007, 07:08:10 AM
> do you really subscribe to the nonsense you speak of?
> you have clearly spent a good portion of your
> adulthood studying the scripture of ancient ways, but
> how, as an apparently "educated" man, can you draw
> such conclusions from paraphrased babble-speak?
> religion, especially christianity, is the greatest
> scam in the history of the mankind. how can you
> worship and praise a god that requires worship and
> praise to attain a place in his supposed paradise?
> doesn't that seem insecure coming from such a great
> power? how can you be told not to judge--by a god who
> cast judgment himself?
> the bible was written by HUMANS, contriving that the
> notion of faith would fill a hopeless void in their
> lives. the ancient "seers of visions" saw angels and
> devils and apparitions taken as signs of god that can
> easily be solved in today's world by lo oking t o
> astronomy and changing weather patterns.
> i guess if your spirituality gets you through the day,
> then that's your drug. i just find it amazing that
> christians disbelieve in things right in front of
> their face(science, evolution, etc.)yet they put faith
> and belief in something that they can't see at
> the math.

    Dear Baxter:
    Evolution cannot be proved by math or any other science.
    God's existence can be proved by ALL sciences, especially math.
    You obviously have not done your math.