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Title: Help Us Ray!
Post by: Craig on April 10, 2006, 12:35:21 PM
Ray, my name is John and my wifes name is Blanca. I was raised in the Pentecostal Church and my wife was raised a Catholic. Something inside, always told me, that what I was learning was not the real truth and after studying your site, I know that GODS TRUTH was revealed to you and now you reveal it to all that will listen.I have no doubts at all anymore, but now my questions, have become greater.

Last night, after finishing my study on " free will ", I became angry. Not angry over the truth, but angry because of the truth. GOD causes evil? My wife, even as I write this is crying her eyes out and is also experiancing anger and frustration.How do we get over this? How do we give over our " carnal minds " to GOD so that we can have " wisdom with understanding?

 " Maybe, I am still " just not getting it? " After reading, I felt like; " Why was GOD so bored trillions of years ago, that he had to create us and his advesary Satan? Why could he have not done it right, the first time." Ya, Ray it sounds great to know that we will all be " made right " in the end, but the only thing that I know right now is; " I am a flesh and bone human that has been through hell on earth and continues to be tortured and tempted by some Satan, that my ( LOVING GOD ) in fact, CREATED HIMSELF JUST FOR THAT PURPOSE!!! "

I guess, " we are just not getting it? " Help us to get it, Ray? Tell us how you , yourself got converted and stopped questioning " THE POTTER. " I have no free will, GREAT. GOD controls me, GREAT. So, a person can be born to be a muderer or rapist and that is just their " predetermined destiny? " We cannot never LOVE GOD, WITHOUT GOD? I am not a smart man, but I am hungry for " knowledge with understanding " and so is my wife. How, do we " come to acceptance " or is that also already predetermined, wether we ever will or ever will not. Help us, Ray; " So that we too can truly LOVE OUR GOD. ".......John and Blanca

Dear John and Blanca:
I get many questions such as yours. I presently have over 400 unanswered emails waiting on me. Unfortunately, I cannot even begin to explain the whole plan of God to you in an email, and then explain the process of conversion, overcoming, living a godly life, etc., etc., etc., in an email. It would take me days.
Understand this: It is GOD Who is directing your life, and He caused you to come to our site. There is a lot of information on our site. Unfortunately only a handful of people have ever read all the material on our site. If you will read all the material on our site, most of your questions will be answered.
No one showed me how to repent. No one showed me how to overcome. No one showed me how to conquer sin. God did it in me, for me. There was a time when I too felt helpless and didn't know what to do. I knew there was a God, but I didn't know how to really contact Him, and so basically I learned that it was He who contacted me--in HIS TIME.
I have people asking me to "Please explain the Bible to me, Ray."  Or: "Show me how to do God's perfect will so that I will be happy and have purpose in my life."
I can't really do these things. Here is what Paul instructs us:  "Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence [Paul was now in prison in Rome, and would never see these Philippians again] , WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING."  Why?
"For [because] it is GOD which works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasre" (Phil. 2:12-12).
This sounds like a contradiction to most people. The reason that we "work out our own slavation with fear and trembling" is because it is ALL OF GOD.
We cannot look to our own devices or works--only God can and will save us. You MUST rely on God IN FAITH for all of these things in your life. God will CAUSE you to work all these things out in your life.  I will help as much as lies within me, but I cannot give you all the answers in an email, and I have too many email to write long essay type answers. Hope you understand.
God be with you,
Title: Help Us Ray!
Post by: Craig on April 10, 2006, 12:39:03 PM
Below is a statement that really stuck out ot me.

Why could he have not done it right, the first time

Is it not funny how the carnal mind works, I was once where this gentleman is now.  God did do it right the first time, this is the only way to perfecting our creation.  I don't claim to understand it but am sure God knows what it takes.

Being able to let go and let God work out the details is sure a perceived load off my mind.  :D