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Title: Death
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Dear Lodewyk:
You need to read the material on our site. I spend thousands of hours researching and writing the material for our site. You need to read it. It answers all of your questions in great detail.
True, at death one's spirit returns to God, but it has no consciousness whatsoever. The consciousness is in the soul. Man IS a living soul, and when He dies, he is a dead soul. It is neither the soul, nor the body which are said to "sleep" in death, but rather that death itself is called "sleep."  We are not resurrected with the dead body we died in, but are given a new, spiritual body (I Cor. 15:42-54). Read the first five pages of my Critique of Dr. Kennedy's sermon on Africans, and the Part C of my HELL series for detailed information on the body, soul, and spirit.
God be with you,