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Title: Free Will
Post by: Craig on March 25, 2007, 10:15:38 AM
> So, as I read through you articles it appears that you believe that man can
> not have and original thought of his own. That everything emanates from GOD,
> both good and evil. And the end result of all of this is to ultimately bring
> all of mankind to a point of salvation. Is my assessment correct ?
> Thanks
> Anthony

Dear Anthony:
I am humored by the many many ways that people interpret what I say and what
the Bible teaches. I have written 120 pages replete with several hundreds of scriptures.
In all that material I never said that "man can not have an original thought of his own."
I never said such a thing. When you have a "thought" it is YOUR thought, not mine,
and not anyone else's.  If you are the only person who has ever thought your thought,
then it is not only your thought, but it is also an "original" thought.
Now then, here is what the foreknowledge and complete Sovereignty of God and the
Scriptures prove:  Your "own original thought" HAD A CAUSE. That's it. That's why we
don't have "free" wills, because all that we think and say and do has a cause, and anything
that is caused IS NOT FREE TO NOT BE CAUSED. I realize that most people cannot
wrap their minds around this spiritual concept and truth of God's Word.
God be with you,