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Title: Keep you strong delusions to yourself
Post by: Craig on April 11, 2006, 09:46:23 AM
Dear Sir,
It would be wise for you to keep your 'strong delussions' to yourself. The comprehension you exhibit with regard to the Word of our Lord and Saviour is astounding.
You'll not have any power against the One True Holy Lord of this universe. For to give unto the Lord is a blessing, and the fool is he that does not have a relationship nor love for the Groom who is about to come for His bride.
Our prayer is that you will turn to spirit and truth as nicodemus did. After all you are in parallel to the pharasee linked to the anti-christ movement of our day.
In my prayers,
bro' doug

Dear Doug:
Don't pray for me, Doug, as my answered prayers are obviously your unanswered prayers. This ministry is going forward in spite of your vain prayers for its failure.