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Title: Jehovah's Witnesses
Post by: Craig on May 23, 2007, 10:42:21 PM
Dear Ray
Hi there Ray and greeting from South Africa.  Ray, i am so enjoying your articles, although, I am getting quite a bit of flack for thing differently to my pastor with regards to tithing.
Can I just ask you one question?  What do you think of the Jehovah's Witnesses and there teachings?  I was one and now, I left and i am now baptized and i am learning so so much.  but i still have so many reservations if they are wrong and I would so much like to hear from you.
Please can you talk to me?  I am beginning to look at all religions with the beady eye and my only hope is in God.  But where do I find an earthly congregation to attend?  Is there one?
Please please Ray, if you can spare some time, I would love to chat backwards and forwards with you and ask you questions.
PS:  I also pray and thank God for my hubby and comfy bed and I also thank him for my roof over my head.
Your loving sister anticipating a warm reply!

Dear Jenny:  The Jehovah's Witnesses are just another one of the daughters of MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT (Rev. 17:5). And we are told to COME OUT OF HER in Rev. 18:4.
I know of no congregation, denomination, or church of men which teaches the Truths of God. Sorry, wish I did.
There are more and more people from Africa reading our material and emailing me, however, and many of them are seeing the truth and the light in these teachings. You can join the Forum at the bottom of our home page and possibly find others in your area who are coming to believe these Scriptural truths of God.
God be with you,