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Title: Truth
Post by: Craig on June 04, 2007, 05:45:35 PM
So in your 7 yrs of Biblical Authority, which you claim comes from Gods Holy Spirit.

The very subject you discern is talked about more by Jesus then any other Teaching, and you call Him A liar.

And the whole of Salvation for over 6ooo yrs. You say you can interpret A parable, but there are rules to parables which you havenít followed. You Also Donít know anything about Analogies, Allegories Parables or Hermeneutics. I will pray that you get some Learning. For if The Church be wrong for all this time and you correct. Then you have received Some New Revelation from another Jesus or Angel , just like the J.Witnesses and Mormons Etc Etc, or even worse the Pentecostals.



Oh, get over yourself already.