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Title: Kicked Out
Post by: Craig on June 22, 2007, 12:00:18 PM
        Hello Ray:
        I want to thank you for your website and let you know that I have learned more in six months reading your writings than I have in six years at the Baptist Church that I have been attending.  Today I was called to the Pastor's office for repeating your teachings.  I was told to withdraw my membership.  My wife worked in the Christian School that is part of the ministry and was asked to resign her position.  What a blessing!  We have joined your forum and look forward to many days of fellowship and learning.  God bless!
        Richard & Lois

        Dear Richard and Lois:  I guess we should all be "rejoicing" (Acts 5:41).  Christ said they would put you out of their synagogues if we would speak the truth (John 16:2).  The Truths of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Love of God will NOWHERE be tolerated in world of Christendom.
        God be with you,