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Title: Thank You
Post by: Craig on July 14, 2007, 10:31:09 PM
Hi Ray,

After praying and asking God for wisdom, I have finally executed by "coming out of her". When I visited your website and come to the knowledge of the truth, I was in a middle (literally) of joining a local church here in Osaka and my conscience convicts me to just say some words to my friends who I thought were quite curious or worried that they no longer see me at church. they are just nice people. But more than that, I carefully shared to them in the hope that they too may come to a knowledge of the truth. I pray that God's Will be done in their lives.

But I admit, I'm still a bit scared anticipating I might offend to. But I have been sold out for the Truth I found and I know God is with me.  I am glad and encouraged that more than anyone else, God the Father and Jesus His son is my true fellowship.

Now, I have experienced my first ev er real conversion. I have understood clearly my purpose and thatwhich I should attain.  To be the firstf ruits of God's coming.  To reign in His kingdom and be co-heirs with Jesus His son.

God bless you Ray.


Welcome aboard, Nathan.  Don't be concerned by about saving your friends if they are not interested. God will deal with them in time. You might enjoy joining our Discussion Forum at the bottom of our home page if you have not done so as yet.

God be with you,