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Title: Thanks
Post by: Craig on July 23, 2007, 10:43:41 PM
Dear Mr. Smith

We have found your website a great blessing. Thank you so much for opening
Christian minds to God's truth and grace in a wonderful and deep way. We
are desiring to grow in the grace of God by His Word and His Spirit. I
(Cam) used to tithe but repented at the reading of your article. Your
article was so deep it amazed me how God's Word can be so mighty and yet so
simple for people (even in Jesus day) to understand. The beauy of God's
grace to enlighten our minds and renew our thinking is something I have
desired for years but had nio idea how to receive but now I have received by
grace. Giving isn't a debt I ow e but I seed I sow.


Cameron Chawrun & Rod