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Title: Satan
Post by: Craig on August 30, 2007, 10:07:24 AM
I am so onboard with all of your teachings and so thankful to God for you!,  I do, however, have one question regarding your thoughts on Satan's final purification...
Seeing that Satan's work is the heart of evil, wouldn't it take away from God if that evil were ever purified?  What I mean is what happens when the opposite of good is purified and made good?  How can there be good without the opposite of evil?  Unless you are saying that Satan is merely a figure of evil, a ruler of evil? for if he were evil itself, how and why would God want to see that purified?
Not refuting, just wondering and thinking,...
Thank you for your time.

    Satan may be more powerful than humans, but I doubt that he is really any more EVIL. God forbid that some of the Fundamentalist Christian Dictators were given the power of Satan. Then you really would see EVIL!  Of course, God frames evil so that it cannot go beyond His purpose for it.
    Most Christian leaders, teachers, professors, pastors, bishops, cardinals, popes (not Pope Paul John II, however), ministers, and all orthodox Christians, believe and teach that God will TORTURE IN LITERAL FIRE MOST OF HUMANITY FOR ALL ETERNITY.
    Not even Satan himself can top that insane and blasphemous sin.
    God be with you,