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Title: Thanks
Post by: Craig on April 24, 2006, 11:27:17 AM
> Hello:

> I don't know where to began. I am 50 years old, have gone to church all my life. I have been very unhappy most of my life. I have heard the you are going to Hell message so many times I can't count them. It didn't sound right to me, but who was I to question them.

Your writings are unbelievable (in a good way). It is the only thing I have
every read that makes sense. It challenges EVERTHING I have been taught all my life. Thank-you. I trust and pray you are right.

I believe in absolutes, there can only be one right!!! And think you have it.

 I would love to be able to talk with you.
In Christ

Dear Tim:

Well I would love to talk with you too. It is, however, not practical for me to start telephone conversations with my readers.  If I posted my telephone number on our site, my ministry would be OVER.  I would not have any time for anything else. Hope you understand.

God be with you,