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Title: Percentage
Post by: Craig on January 28, 2008, 08:02:56 PM
Ray -
I am still being fed and my life is changing by the Truths ofg God you continue to publish on your Web Site.
I Pray that Our Heavenly Father will continue to Bless you in Jesus' Name.
I have a small question for you.
What percentage of the KJ Authorised (Tyndale) Bible do you believe does NOT have errors? Erros I take to mean one or more of the following applied to the original Hebrew and Greek Scriptural Canon Texts:
1.    Word(s) added
2.    Word(s) deleted.
3.    Incorrect or misleading translation or paraphrase.
Do you believe, taking into account the References you have posted about the 'words added' to most Bibles, that the KJV is a pretty good translation, being about 99.999% accurate or would you say it is less, perhaps no more than 80%.
Yours sincerely and faithfully in His Kingdom and by Jesus' Name to the Glory of The Father.

Dear George;  I don't know, George. I don't get bogged down on what percentage of words are wrongly translated, poorly translated, better translated, etc., etc., etc.
There is ONE WORD in most bibles that is wrongly translated to the detriment of the Gospel and the entire Word of God, and that is the adjective aionios of the noun aion erroneously translated "eternal." Make this one single correction and ALL translations are capable of teaching the True Gospel.
God be with you,