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Title: Free Will
Post by: Craig on February 24, 2008, 10:01:40 AM
Not much to say to this.

Ray, I can not agree with you when you write that most peoples of the world have never heard the name Jesus. Fact is, that in every corner of the earth today you will find the preaching of God's word. I can not agree with you when you say that man has not a free will, (based you say on cause and effect), but, I say free will is a result of effectual causality, for example, I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, realizing I was a lost sinner in need of salvation,(cause) I chose to believe (freely,willingly) and now have faith (effect) in Christ to redeem me according to the Gospel message. I did not have to chose to believe, I might have said something like, "well that might be ok for you, but it's not for me". A person who after hearing from His Doctor that he needs to take a prescribed medicine for this thing of that, can if he chooses, not to take the medicine, and no doubt will suffer the consequences of his action,but the choice was his to make,the Doctor can not make that choice for him. As I read your argument on the matter of free will I got to thinking that it is your position that you are the authority in understanding the Scriptures from the way you are writing, as though everyone else (in your mind) is wrong about the free will and are just not (or can not ) understand the Scriptures. I beg the differ, and I would sight the gospel of John 14: v v 16 - 27, it is the Holy Spirit of God which abides not just with the believer, but i n the believer and it is He, who teaches us all things that Jesus had said, that would be the entire Bible, for Jesus is, the Word of God (John 1: 1-14), it is He who has given us the Spoken word (Rev.1:11), from Genesis to Revelation. I can Freely choose to Willingly read His word, pray without ceasing,  fellowship with the saints, or NOT, my free will to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Praying for you ( willingly)
Bruce, servant of the King, Jesus Christ
PS , you write, and God has Written, in whom shall I listen too,  Ray, God  or is there another... What say you Ray?
Title: Re: Free Will
Post by: Craig on February 24, 2008, 10:03:07 AM
These are real people, you could never make this stuff up! Unbelievable.

Ray, I can not agree with you when you say that the beast (and the mark 666) mentioned in the Book of Revelation is all mankind (corporately speaking). For in the study of end times (eschatology) we learn that that man of sin the son (singular) of perdition, 2Thess.2: 3-4, is written in the singular, a specific figure an individual one, and the mark 666 is given, Rev. 13: 17-18, as a sign or marker for those who worship the beast, just as the holy spirit was given to identify those who worship the  living God are known by it, so those who worship the beast are known by a sign given. It is kind of like our civil war experienced in our Country, there were two sides of the war, were as one sides uniform was one color, and the opposing side another, the colors identified the one from the other. However, on either side stood one General, in this spiritual battle we are all in, there is a general on the dark side (Satan) and our General on the  light side (our Lord Jesus).
Why do you make it seem so difficult??
Bruce, servant to the King, Jesus
Title: Re: Free Will
Post by: Craig on February 24, 2008, 10:03:57 AM
Another one..........

Hi Ray,

    Sounds like you are trying not to have to give anything to your church and are telling them how to spend the money they are getting. In the New Testament you are right the 10% is out. The new figure is to give everything to God. Jesus said render unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's and to God what is God's........... and everything is God's.... Case Closed