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Title: Christian
Post by: Craig on February 29, 2008, 10:28:25 PM
All true believers accept the whole Bible as God's word-if not,they are something other than Christians!

        Dear Reader:  Not so. A "Christian" is meant to designate one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. This was not possible until Christ revealed Himself under the New Covenant. Therefore, all Christians are "New Covenant Christians."  There is no such thing as an "Old Covenant Christian."  If one could be a "Christian" under the Old there would have been no need for a New.  When Jesus said: "You have heard it said by them of OLD.....but I say unto you..." He then introduced something NEW--it was a New COVENANT. Jesus said that the symbols of the bread and wine symbolizing His body and blood are the tokens of the NEW Covenant, which brought a close to the Old.
        God be with you,