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Title: Proof of Hell
Post by: Craig on May 05, 2006, 10:31:41 PM
"Hell" "Gahanna" "Hades" "Sheol" "the pit" does exist!!!!  I have been there I have heard the screams of women, I have seen the huge spiders, I have felt the snakes.  It is a realm of existence and sinners, atheists, Satanists, voodooists, wiccans, will go there!      

      I was fortunate enough to find light in this "hell" called earth early in January 2006.  I have realized I am a sinner, I have repented and turned from sin, I have taken Jesus as my lord and savior in my heart.  And it is possible for everybody who is willing to satisfy the soul and not the flesh! & nbsp;It will be hard because pleasure is everywhere around us.  You can do it!


PS  Haven't you ever heard of or even heard the sound bites from deep mining expeditions... Recorded screams and terrifying laughter and growls.  I've heard it and it does exist.